Hair Hydration & Growth

Ingredients: Spinach, Apple, Celery, Orange

Calories: 140


  • Vitamins & Minerals for your hair
  • Great hydration for your hair
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Shiny hair

SAR 26.00SAR 39.00 VAT included



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Hear it from the Quenchers!

Finally, after 2 years I can fit back into my jeans! Being pregnant, covid, lockdown, working from home and being an expat, the weight gain was a lot (31kg). By using acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), I was able to identify my values, set small goals and commit to them! @QUENCHME was a huge part of today’s success, but not without act and mindfulness exercises! A combination was the key to losing 25 KG in total!


I haven’t felt this way in 3 years! The first week of my 28 day juice detox was so difficult. Once I got over that, I actually started feeling more energetic, my body stopped craving food and was barely hungry. I’m really amazed how little our body needs to survive, Losing weight was an amazing side affect and was definitely very appealing to me; but the way I feel physically is way more than losing weight. I recently discovered thatI have an autoimmune,it required a major change in my diet. The detox was a way to reset my body and get me back to eating right and healthy. Thank you so much for your support during this months. You were alway so accessible and I really appreciate it. I didn’t think I would make it and see the 28 days through, I’m so glad I did!


And @quenchme juices taste amazing…even if not for a cleanse..u can use them for meal replacements to maintain ur weight and keep that glow!I felt so light! And healthy! And my skin actually got better walah! @quenchmeI did it with @quenchme for a 5 day juice detox…and I lost 2.8 kilos! I could have lost more if I walked an hour each day…which I didn’t do 🙈

Hala AlHarithy

Quench Me
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Nb MNb M
20:50 04 Mar 21
Shakeel AhmedShakeel Ahmed
20:29 22 Jan 21
Good but price high
Soraya AbbarSoraya Abbar
20:24 28 Sep 19
I have been a loyal customer at Quench Me as I LOVE the juices and have lost rapid weight when going on the juice course here. My skin has also improved and I have never felt better! I really recommend to stop by here for a cleanse :)
Fahad SawafFahad Sawaf
11:52 24 Feb 18
What’s nice about quenchme is that you go grab and go such a great healthy option to get your daily dose of nutrition for the day .
Ahmed SabbanAhmed Sabban
10:44 19 Nov 17
Didn't feel the effect of the 3 days detox . But anyhow I liked some of the juices

Frequently Asked Questions

Store-bought juices are often mixed with sugar, preservatives, and are heated or exposed to processes that maximize their shelf-life but eliminate all the healthy nutrients and vitamins. 

Cold Pressed juices are 100% raw and full of nutrients.

Cold Press is the most pure form of juicing. By using hydraulic press, significant pressure is applied to slowly juice all the essential nutrients from the fruits and vegetables while maintaining their flavors!

No, our juices don’t include any added sugar or preservatives.

Quench Me provides various payment method so you can cleanse at your comfort:

> Pay online via credit/debit card

> Pay at the store via cash or card

> Pay via bank transfer

Currently, we are not offering delivery.

You can pick-up your order from our stores in Jeddah & Riyadh

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