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About Quench Me

Store-bought juices are often mixed with sugar, preservatives, are heated or exposed to processes that maximize their shelf-life but eliminate all the healthy nutrients and vitamins.

Cold Pressed juices are 100% raw and full of nutrients.

Each of our juices are cold-pressed using a hydraulic press. The press uses a tremendous amount of pressure to slowly and gently extract the flavor, nutrients, and enzymes from the fresh produce.

No, our juices don’t included any added sugar or preservatives.

Quench Me provides various payment method so you can cleanse at your comfort:

> Pay online via credit/debit card

> Pay at the store via cash or card

> Pay via bank transfer

Currently, we are not offering delivery.

You can pick-up your order from our store in Jeddah

Cold pressing is a decades-old method of extracting liquid from plants without denaturing enzymes or breaking down nutrients with high levels of heat or oxygen. Our process takes every delicious drop of liquid out of a plant while keeping its health-giving properties intact, producing a juice that is fresh and delicious!

About Programs

Our programs offer 4 bottles a day + 1 shot.

• Boosts your energy
• Gives your digestive system a rest
• Promotes healthy weight loss
• Hydrates your body and skin
• Strengthens the immune system
• Flushes the liver and kidneys

You should do a cleanse if you’re feeling low on energy, having cravings or bloating

Our juices are freshly pressed from fruits and vegetables. They must be kept refrigerated and we recommend drinking them as soon as possible. Juices should be enjoy fresh up to 3 days. Juices can be frozen for approximately 30 days additional shelf life. Once open, please drink your juice within 48 hours.

Yes, you should continue! Some people feel energized right away! Symptoms vary from upset stomach, to headaches, to flu like symptoms. Most people feel better by their third day of cleanse and often feel lighter and refreshed by the end of their cleanse!

Yes. Our juices are short-lived and must be kept refrigerated at all times when not being consumed.

Feeling bloated, gassy. With our 3-Day Juice Cleanse, you’ll give your digestive system a break.

In the different juice flavors included with this cleanse, ginger (helps soothe indigestion), and cucumber (known to reduce bloating).

Be sure to drink as much water as you need in addition to the juices each day to support your organs as they flush bacteria and excess food from your system.

Most of us eat too frequently throughout the day, burdening our digestive systems with processed snacks, meat, and other heavy foods. During this three-day cleanse, you’ll take a break from solid foods by replacing your usual meals with 4 bottles of raw cold-pressed juice per day.

This can help empty your colon and diversify your microbiome. It may also reset your taste buds and minimize cravings for foods that are destructive to gut health.

No! There are no added sugars in our juices except for those sweetened by honey, which you will see on our labels!

Yes, all bottles are BPA free.

Reset your routine
Replenishing your body with just juices can help you reset.

Juicing may assist in eliminating toxins from your body.

Vitamins & Minerals
Nourish your body with health-supporting nutrients that help you feel your best.

Better Well-Being
Rich in antioxidants & 100% plant based, feel your best getting the nutrients you need.

Eat something like almonds, cucumber, lettuce or a bowl of green salad!

We recommend not including caffeine during your cleanse, but we understand that coffee might be a part of your everyday routine. If you’d like to keep coffee as a part of your routine while you’re cleansing – that’s ok! But keep away from sugar and milk!

Around 2 to 3 days before the beginning of your fast, try to cut down on caffeine, processed foods, added sugars & alcohol to help lead you into your fast.

Yes! You need water in addition to your juices to stay hydrated.

Start with your shot!
Follow the 3 hour rule!
Start your day by consuming your first full juice, and another every 3 hours.
Light exercise. Feel free to enjoy light to moderate exercise, but above all, listen to your body!

You’ve done it! You should sense a huge feeling of accomplishment in this step to bettering yourself. Get back on the track that will help you continue to feel the benefits & maximize its effectiveness.

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